Preventative Maintenance: Keeping Your Trucking Fleet on the Road

Owning and managing a trucking fleet means being sure those trucks are always ready to go.  You don’t want to lose a contract or fail on a shipment because your truck(s) needed maintenance or repairs. If you have delays that happen often, it can put you in the red and give your company a bad reputation.

Preventative maintenance is the best way to stay ahead of the maintenance curve.  There are several ways to approach this part of fleet management.  You may have your drivers keep a logbook, make the drivers responsible for reporting problems or concerns, or use one of the many software packages designed to keep your fleet in top condition.  But whatever approach you choose, be sure to use it consistently.

Preventative Maintenance Tasks for Your Trucking Fleet

1. Service the Fifth Wheel Platform.

TruckingThis is essential to making deliveries, as you can’t attach the trailer without it. Before or after each trip, take a few minutes to inspect the platform and grease or adjust it as needed. Dirt can build up on the platform’s mechanics, making it difficult to hook up the trailer. The dirt can also wear the parts and require more frequent replacements.

2. Ensure the lights are working correctly.

Be sure that other drivers can see you.  Also, you don’t want to get pulled over and waste time because your taillights, running lights, turn signals, etc., are not working. Consider keeping a few extra bulbs in a toolbox should you need to make replacements when on the road.

3. Check the gearbox and clutch.

Your truck’s engine puts a great deal of stress on these pieces. Frequent inspections ensure all components work for a smoother, safer ride.

4. Check and change the filters as needed.

Air, oil, fuel, and cabin filters all play a specific role in how your truck operates. Going for extended periods without changing these will have adverse effects. Make changing these filters easier by keeping AMSOIL filters in stock. You can buy these in bulk from local dealer, Buy Great Oil.

5. How are the brakes?

A lot is riding on your brakes. It is time to replace them if they get worn down or are not gripping.

6. Inspect the tires.

Check the tire pressure and fill it to the correct level. Look for wear and tear to lower the risk of a blowout.  These jobs only take a few minutes but make a big difference.

7. Check and change the fluids.

Brake, power steering, transmission, oil, and coolant are all vital fluids in the trucks’ operating systems. Before heading out, take a few minutes to check these fluids and top them off as needed. Get these from your AMSOIL dealer to save time and money.

If you own or manage a fleet of trucks, you know unplanned downtime can negatively impact your bottom line. Don’t get blindsided by issues that can be avoided with preventative maintenance. Staying ahead of a potential problem is better than dealing with the aftermath. Keeping the supplies you need for basic tasks at hand will help.  Contact Buy Great Oil today to stock up on AMSOIL products. Then, your drivers will be ready to go whenever needed.