AMSOIL in Sturgis | A Biker's Dream | Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

AMSOIL in Sturgis- A Biker’s Dream

If you’re a biker and you’ve never been to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, it’s a pilgrimage you must make at least once to experience it!  There’s no denying it, Sturgis SD becomes the center-of-the-motorcycle-universe during that famous August week!  Along with AMSOIL in Sturgis, there’s a whole lot to do with a motorcycle and outdoors lifestyle!

Buy AMSOIL in Sturgis | Oil in Sturgis SD

It’s an incredibly fun week to kick back and blow off steam. There’s a ton of entertainment.  Routinely, there’s the opening ceremony, the Mayor’s Pub Crawl, the Mayor’s Golf Tournament, the 5K, Poker Tournament and more! In addition to the Tattoo Contest and Military Appreciation Day, there’s the Beard & Mustache Contest.  The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally brings along great food, awesome concerts, and a whole lot of history.  The list goes on!

Vendor Map: City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (

Let’s not forget the best parts of the event: The sound of thunder, the rides, the freedom, the friendships, and the memories!

Long Drive?  Got Maintenance?

Sturgis Motorcycle Ride through Badlands | Oil in SturgisRight along with taking over the town, be sure to participate in rides throughout the badlands.  And be sure to take care of your bike throughout the week, as well.

Depending on where you’re hailing from, you might put on a few thousand miles before you arrive home. No worries, AMSOIL is there! Look for Mylo with the trailer to get your supply of AMSOIL synthetic oil to keep your engine running smoothly. The summer can be unforgiving. AMSOIL protection is a must for your motorcycle.  When you want to find an AMSOIL dealer, Mylo is nearby.

Of course, it isn’t practical to lug home bottles or boxes of AMSOIL motorcycle oil from Sturgis, SD. If you plan to buy motorcycle oil in Sturgis, register as an AMSOIL preferred customer. Your AMSOIL V-Twin motorcycle oil, (or parallel twin, single cylinder, or boxer engine, etc) is available at a discount.  LifeTimeOil is your preferred AMSOIL dealer in Sturgis at the motorcycle rally.  But Mylo can service your AMOIL needs in your local area, too. Ask about having your oil drop-shipped to your doorstep at a discount and/or with free shipping!

Maximizing the Biker Lifestyle

If you can’t make it to Sturgis this year, check out the Live Webcams of the town to see what you’re missing!  You won’t want to miss it again!  Whether you live in Sturgis, or you just want to buy oil in Sturgis from a Sturgis AMSOIL dealer, get to know Mylo.  You know you’re in good hands when your oil dealer supports your passion and the Rally every year!

If you have technical questions (about oil in Sturgis or the mechanics of your engine), LifeTimeOil is a great resource, as well.  Get the right answers from your Sturgis AMSOIL Dealer. Be sure to keep your bike in top-shape, ride safely, and enjoy every aspect of motorcycle culture at the Sturgis Rally.